Low-Carb Summer Drink Ideas

Low-Carb Summer Drink Ideas

I’ve never really been a big “water” fan. But then I was never really a fizzy drink addict either. Coffee, well that’s another story. But when it comes to beverages, I’m just one of those people who’s just never been a big drinker. Except if you count that time with a bottle of tequila and … Anyway, moving swiftly on…

So you can imagine my dismay after all these years of desperately drowning myself everyday with two litres of water that seemed to somehow be a legal requirement? But now I could kiss the golden toenails of whoever has done the latest research proving that it’s unnecessary to force yourself to drink those 8 glasses a day!

For us low-carbers it can get a bit tricky, as there’s only so much water, tea and coffee we can consume before we start banging our heads against the nearest hard surface. So I thought I’d share with you a few of my Summer favourites. Please bear in mind that there are a couple of orange carb status entries, but these are just some ideas for when you have a thirsty crowd around, and serving up plain old water just seems a bit prison-esque. So don’t go drinking the whole jug by yourself, I’m watching you!

Summer Afternoon Iced Tea

Low-Carb Iced Tea Jax of the Bushveld

Watermelon & Basil Cooler

Watermelon & Basil cooler Jax of the Bushveld

Cinnamint Apple Water

Cinnamint Apple Water Jax of the Bushveld

LCHF Chocolate Milk

LCHF Chocolate Milk Jax of the Bushveld

Lavender & Mint Lemonade

Lavender & Mint Lemonade

LCHF Iced Coffee

LCHF Iced Coffee Jax of the Bushveld

Loved Up Lemonade

Love Up Lemonade Jax of the Bushveld

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