How to make Cauli Rice

How to make Cauli Rice

Cauliflower “rice” is a low-carb cornerstone, and is often one of the few crutches you have in those early days of making the transition from your old stodgy ways.

It’s so realistic that I’ve served it up to non-banting guests many times and I really don’t think they’ve even noticed. Either that or I have very polite friends.

So here’s how I whip up a batch:

Cauli “Rice”


1 head of cauliflower – stalk and all, just remove the leaves
1 Tbl butter
1Tbl olive oil
1 small garlic clove (optional)
Salt & pepper to taste



– In a food processor with the grating attachment or grate on the large hole side of a cheese grater the entire head of cauliflower including the stalk.


– In a large frying pan, heat your olive oil and butter till it’s nice and hot. Don’t add the cauliflower too soon, otherwise it will release it’s moisture and broil rather than fry and the texture will be a bit spongy. So let the pan get nice and hot first.

– Once the olive oil and butter start to bubble add the grated cauliflower in batches, you don’t want to crowd the pan otherwise it won’t cook through evenly. Frying and flipping with a spatula until it just starts to get some colour. Watch that it doesn’t burn though. Go for nipped brown edges rather than black char.


– Depending on what you’re serving the cauli rice with, you could add a small garlic clove for extra flavour, but it’s up to you.

– You may need to add some more butter and oil as you go if you find the pan is drying out after the first batch.

– You can either serve straight away, or store in the fridge for a later meal. It freezes really well too. When you want to use it, just defrost and give a quick toss through in a hot pan and some fresh butter and it’s good to go.



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