I’m on a mission…

by Jax

I never really took much notice of how much waste I was producing day in and out. How much I was mindlessly consuming and how out of touch I really was with what I was putting my body through. Sure there were plenty of smoothies, salads and well-used gym memberships. I thought I was doing my bit, right? But it’s taken bringing two small people into this world to realise how many questions they’ll have for me one day about how the way I’m living now will impact them some day.

So I’m making it my mission to really live the lessons I’d like to teach my children in this beautifully fragile world of ours. Hopefully inspiring you along the way to also start taking tiny little penguin wobbles of change in your average day-to-day.

It will look different for everyone, and that’s totally OK. For some it might be going vegan and living zero waste. For others it might be using reusable shopping bags more often and eating one less meaty meal here and there. Let’s all just do something, even if it’s only one thing. Starting today, keeping it simple enough that you can just keep plodding along. Because before you know it; just like kids, gardens and leg hair, it’ll get totally out of control before you know it! You’ll find yourself hooked on trying new ways to live more consciously.

So here’s how I’m making changes:

Eating REAL food

Forget diets, forbidden food groups and sabotaging myself with that midnight raid on the secret sweetie stash (we all have one, just embrace it.) I’m keeping it simple and eating food as close to its natural state as possible.

Eating MORE veggies – You’d be surprised how easy it is to sneak veg undetected into every meal. I live with a 3 year old, believe me when I say my covert veg operations have ninja stealth. I’m having a bash at growing my own organic food garden, and when I do shop, aiming for seasonal and locally sourced.  But also not beating myself up about those franken-perfect tomatoes that find their way into my trolley because the porcupine stole my tomato bush (true story!)

Eating LESS meat – Which leaves more wiggle room in my budget to be able to afforf free-range, organic, grass fed all-round better quality meat products that I just eat less often.

Living more consciously

LESS waste – Being more aware of unnecessary packaging, buying things with minimal plastic, ideally in glass. Not only because I’m a fanatical glass jar repurposer, but also because it creates less waste. Plus they just look prettier on your shelves right?

MORE connecting – Looks like picnics in the garden or bug watching with your kids. Praising power cuts for enforced candlelit dinners and extra time for bedtime story telling.  Prioritising silly buggers and jibber jabber around the dinner table over replying to emails and mindless social media scrolling. Stopping. Sitting. Sniffing the aloes. In the words of my 3 year old: “Shhh Mommy, let’s just listen to the sounds of nature. Shh! Shh! Did you hear that? It’s a guinea flower!”

LESS processing – Finding food that’s spent less time in a factory or on the shelf and more time in the field. Ditching the packaging, refining and purifying. You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted the undeniable squelch of a caterpillar in your homegrown salad. I like to live on the edge. Besides, I’m all for freebie protein.

More growing – Not just in my garden but on every level. Well, maybe not on my thighs. But definitely stretching and expanding through mindfulness, spiritual quests and  strengthening the body through movement. Does chasing a toddler in one direction and a 9 month old crawler heading in another direction count as exercise?

Less Stuff – Asking myself (and my kids) do we REALLY need this? Like really really? A decluttered life is a decluttered mind. Just don’t look in my garden shed, or my garage, or my linen cupboard, please.

As a Mom I know how life just happens a lot of the time, so let’s start small together and just keep doing those little simple but consistent tweaks that we can all make day to day. It’s better to do one small thing regularly than try and do everything perfectly and it only lasts a week. So please come and join me on this wild adventure, I’ll share my tips, tricks and all the green product finds as we go, but first let me put the kettle on, positive change is thirsty work…

Jax of the Bushveld
Real Food | Conscious Living