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by Jax

Would you like to request a media kit?

Are you a brand or like-minded blogger that shares my mission and values and would like to join forces? Then let’s put our heads together…

My mission statement:

  • Document the transformation my family are making in our day-to-day lives to live, eat and consume more consciously
  • Inspire others to take steps and make changes in their own lives by spreading awareness, education and promoting eco-friendly alternative products and practices
  • Make going sustainable an attainable option for everyone
  • Encourage conscious consumerism (support local, handmade, seasonal, less mindless buying)
  • Encourage a less-waste lifestyle (reducing single-use plastic, choosing eco-options over synthetic products eg; glass, bamboo, sustainable wood, leather, hemp, cotton etc)
  • Inspire healthier eating habits (Flexitarianism, consuming more veggies, eating less meat to be able to afford better quality, less food packaging and reducing food waste)
  • Make cloth nappies mainstream
  • Normalise breastfeeding

My values:

Products and services that I will promote need to tick some of these boxes:

  • Organic
  • Handmade
  • Locally-sourced materials
  • Free-range
  • Grass fed & finished
  • Sustainably & ethically sourced
  • Less plastic
  • Minimal carbon footprint
  • Fair trade

I’d love to hear from you! Please drop me an email at jax@jaxofthebushveld.co.za


Debbie Griffiths August 28, 2014 - 6:57 AM

Hi Jax
I am new to the LCHF way of life and enjoying it so far, although I’m sure I’m eating way too much fat and hidden carbs as I really don’t know how much to have of what!!
I was directed to your blog via the Face Book Banting page and just love your blog. Is there a way I can get a link or notification that tells me when you’ve posted something new? (I’m a bit of a computer dunce I’m afraid!!)
Many Thanks

Jax August 28, 2014 - 7:48 AM

Hey Debbie
Thank you so much for dropping me a line, and welcome to the LCHF lifestyle! It’s by far one of the best things I ever did for myself, but don’t worry I also felt a bit daunted when I first started out. But you’ll find your groove in no time!

Here are a couple of links to help you make sense of what you should & shouldn’t be eating:


With regards to knowing how much is too much of the fat and hidden carbs, let your body be your guide. It will take some time to get your mind around the fact that all of a sudden eating fat is actually good for you! Since the 80’s fat in all forms has been shunned, so it does take a bit of a mental shift to change the way you view it now. But don’t worry that will come.

Hidden carbs are the killer, as they’re EVERYWHERE! Nearly everything that is bottled, boxed and processed these days has some form of sugar in it. Even Tobasco sauce if you can believe it! I find the best way to avoid all these “hidden carbs” is to try and make as much as possible from scratch, that way you know exactly what’s going into your food! Our brains luckily respond to eating fat much better than to carbs, and our leptin response (the “I feel full” signal to our brain) is triggered so much faster when eating fats. This is why a lot of people complain about feeling ill if they eat too much fat. So the secret is to listen to your body. Initially stop half way through your meal and say to yourself “Do I feel satisfied, or am I just eating for the sake of it?”. If you feel satisfied, then stop eating. You can always re-heat the food later if you feel peckish again. But it’s important to re-train yourself to listen to yourself, rather than just chug down everything because it’s on your plate.

For me the key is also to eat things as close to their natural form as possible. Eating real cuts of meats, fresh veg, genuine butter etc. Everything as free-range and pasture-fed as you can find. Avoiding anything that’s been tampered with too much. If you find that you’re not losing as much weight as you were hoping for, then make sure to cut back on fruit and rooty vegetables. If you feel at all like you’re craving “bad” things, then eat something fatty. That will chase away any cravings in no time! But bear in mind that the weight loss is a bit slow in the beginning. But just stick with it!

If you would like to get updates for when I post something new please feel free to hit the Facebook “Like” button on my blog, and it will notify you on your Facebook newsfeed when I post up something new. https://www.facebook.com/JaxLabyrinth?ref=hl

I’d love to hear feedback and how you’re getting on, and if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask! The Banting groups are such a great tool for inspiring and encouraging everyone, but I understand it can be a bit of info-overload as well. So just listen to you body and give yourself time!

Take care


Ashleigh March 13, 2016 - 3:02 PM

Hi there, thank you for your amazing website, and making South Africa proud.
I was looking for a banting custard recipe, and am going to try yours.
Made a chocolate pudding using a basic creme brulee recipe with Lindor 99% and baked it in the oven (added some gelatin too)…. give it a try, I was amazed at how yummy it came out.
All the best, Ash (lost 20 kgs on banting last 5 months)


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