Choc-Mint Ice Cream

Choc-Mint Ice Cream

I came up with this combo in real “aah-ha” fashion rummaging around the mint jungle in my veg patch one day. I’ve had a chocolate mint explosion in my herb beds for years which I’m quite happy about as I just love making copious amounts of tea with it. But it was only after having kids that it dawned on me to use it in ice cream and ice lollies.


I feel so sorry for my son sometimes. He so enthusiastically falls hook, line and sinker for all the “treats” I give him that I can’t help but pity his sweet innocent soul that gets so giddy with excitement whenever it’s warm enough for the ice-lolly moulds to come out of the cupboard. You see it’s not just any lolly, it’s made with real chocolate mint growing in the garden, proper cocoa and farm fresh full-cream milk. The fresh mint gives it such a punch of flavour you could easily mistake it for those awful artificial lollies that just send waves of guilt through most parents, myself included until I experimented with this all-natural “better than the real thing” beauty. Even I can’t help but dig one out of the freezer for myself too on those sweltering sticky days.

Choc-Mint Ice Cream


2 cups fresh mint leaves (ideally the chocolate mint leaf variety for that extra chocolaty kick)

3 Tbl cocoa powder

3 tsp honey

2 cups full cream milk (or coconut milk for a dairy alternative)


– Blend all ingredients together in a blender until smooth

– Pour mixture into re-usable ice lolly moulds and freeze for 3-4 hours or ideally overnight

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