Banting Picnic Ideas

Banting Picnic Ideas

When life gives you power cuts, make… picnics. Well, that’s at least been my philosophy this year! I refuse to let it get me down, and I most definitely won’t let it ruin my favourite time of day. Meal time!

Thankfully Eskom (our useless energy supplier for those living outside of South Africa) have been pretty “good” (is that even an appropriate adjective for them in this situation?) about sticking to their load-shedding schedule. Most days our power has been out between 12:30 – 14:30, which inconveniently, is slap bang around the time of the sacred hour of farmer lunch breaks across the valley. It’s when tired, dirty, hungry farmers everywhere like to shake off the dust,escape the sweltering midday heat, put their feet up, have some grub and mindlessly watch something on telly for a full hour. Well, until they get a radio call to say a cow is calving in the river or the tractor has rolled down a cliff…

But despite Eskom and their shenanigans we’ve really made lemonade (or in this case, picnics) of the situation! So if you also want to have an alfresco meal under a tree, listening to nothing but the sights and sounds of the natural world pass you by, then here’s what our picnic blanket has included these past few weeks, low-carb of course!


Chicken pieces with a shortcut

Banting Brownies

Banting Brownies

Burger Bites

Burger Bites Jax of the Bushveld

Quiche Muffins

Quiche Muffins Jax of the Bushveld

Greek Traveller Salad

Greek traveler salad Jax of the Bushveld

Herby Pecan Pesto

Herby Pecan Pesto Jax of the Bushveld

Summer Afternoon Iced Tea

Low-Carb Iced Tea Jax of the Bushveld

Other ideas…

Cold meats
Cheese platter
Real Meal Revolution seed crackers

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