Banting-Friendly Snacks & Dips

Banting-Friendly Snacks & Dips

It’s that time of year where virtually every weekend and spare evening is jam packed with socializing. From braai’s and sundowners to Christmas do’s and New Year’s celebrations. So it can be a bit daunting wracking your brain for ideas to try and keep entertaining eats healthy and low-carb friendly, but without making your guests feel like they should have worn tie-dyed shirts and hemp sandals.  But with a little bit of effort and imagination you can keep things healthy but still deliciously indulgent.

There’s no need to fall off the wagon and succumb to eating junk or feel down in the dumps and deprived when faced with less-than-healthy choices at a get-together. The options are really endless, it’s just about thinking beyond that bag of chips and store-bought dip.  So whether you’re hosting or taking something along with you, here’s some ideas to keep the silly season going full steam ahead on the low-carb tracks.

Homemade Salsa

Banting-friendly snacks & dips


Banting-Friendly dips and snacks
Banting-friendly snacks and dips
Banting-friendly snacks & dips
 Now all you need are some veggie crudites, a cheese board, some biltong or droewors and a braai roaring in the background.
Happy holiday!
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